The R&D Center at Chant Sincere leads the industry in research, design, and manufacturing of numerous key parts. This center has successfully developed for both wired and wireless solutions for computer peripherals, communication systems, and automobiles/industrial/medical equipment. Our solid R&D team formed a strong foundation in advance manufacturing technology and superior quality control that also enabled high value adding service for customers.


USB type C connectors is an example of the fruits of our research. This miniature and unidirectional interface provides many useful functions such as lighting data transfer rate up to 10 Gbits/s, DP ALT Mode high-definition video signal support, and brilliant 100W charging capability. Chant Sincere advanced the research further into higher specs such as USB 3.2 and USB 4.0 and offers customized solution for various of industrial applications. We delivered comprehensive solutions in bridging the diverse need for new interface and solve on-going product design issues for customers.


QSFP -DD is an ultra-fast interface that transmit data at 400Gbps speed. At this speed, stringent requirement for signal integrity and operating temperature is inviable which imposed huge challenges for the industry. At Chant Sincere, we implemented comprehensive computational software, state of art measuring equipment and eminent R&D capability to aid the solution delivering process. The analysis process includes simulation under CST MSW (Time Domain Simulation), ANSYS HFSS (Frequency Domain Simulation) for signal integrity as well as real-time measurement using test boards and PNA (up to 43.5GHz) to deliver quality reports for signal integrity (S-parameter, Gain compression, conversion gain/loss, noise level). We further performed simulation of its operating temperature using Icepak (Heat transfer and fluid flow simulator). This enabled the performance optimization for heat dissipation solution. With the above R&D skills we successfully delivered the desired professional service within the shortest time frame for our customers.

High Speed/High Frequency Solution

Chant Sincere has advanced our High Speed/High Frequency R&D skill since 2014. Until now Chant Sincere is one of the industry leading connector and cable solution provider, capable of providing total services including comprehensive software simulation, state of art measuring equipment and eminent R&D capability. These developments can be extended onto many of new developed product for telecommunication, automotive and industry applications. Our R&D team offer complete design, simulation and verification package to solve all technical issues associated with high frequency signal.

R&D Engineers
  • Capable of developing high frequency connector and cable
  • System characteristics analysis by simulation or real time measurements
  • Resolve all high frequency signal issues (Design optimization for pin position of connections onto PCB as well as heat dissipation solutions)

R&D Equipment

  • CST Studio Suite (Time Domain Simulation) – High performance 3D EM analysis software for designing, analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic(EM) component and systems.
(High Frequency Simulation 3D Result on USB Type C )

(Simulation data for on Chant Sincrere CFexpress Type B Connector:Impedance
variation, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, PS-NEXT)

  • ANSYS HFSS (Frequency Domain Simulation) – 3D full-wave solver electromagnetic (EM). This simulation software provides solutions for Time and frequency domain and outputs the S parameters.
  • Icepak – This software provides powerful electronic cooling solutions. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver utilize the industry-leading ANSYS Fluent to provide thermal and fluid flow analyses of integrated circuits (ICs), packages, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies.

(QSPF-DD temperature distribute on simulation)

(Temperature distribute on simulation in actual environment)

  • PNA(Performance Network Analyzer) – measures the network parameters of electrical networks. The measurement bandwidth ranged from 10MHz to 43.6GHz and the output includes: S-parameter, Gain compression, conversion gain/loss, noise level and the signal integrity.

(Actual test result on Chant Sincrere CFexpress Type B Connector: Impedance
variation, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, PS-NEXT)

  • Digital Sampling Oscilloscope- Precise Eye diagram analysis with frequency band on 32GHz or 50GHz
    BERT(Bit Error Rate Test) – Bit errors is the number of received bits of a data stream over a communication channel that have been altered due to noise, interference, distortion or bit synchronization errors.
  • Calibration jig (TRL, AFR and Chant Sincere in-house design test boards)

intellectual property management

The story of Chant Sincere Co., Ltd began with manufacturing of connectors back in 1985. The spirit of pursuing for constant upgrade in technology and patent design have earned high recognitions from many companies as well as Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. Chant was awarded with the highest industry awards including the Rising Star Award and National Award of Outstanding SMEs. Chant further enhanced the management system by introducing ISO Standards and implementation of TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) to achieve a total management system for logo and patent ownership, intellectual property as well as trade secrets.


Intensive competition in this dynamic market has highlighted the importance of maintaining leading position in technology. In light of this trend, the task of a positive and respectful competition environment become apparent. Chant introduced TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System) and kept the patent maintenance work in the hands of R&D department. This is a very different approach to many companies where this duty is mainly handled by the legal team. Research and development team always worked on new projects and gain its working principles first handed. Therefore, at Chant, we believe that value creation become a mutual beneficial process for the patent engineers to co-work with design engineers. This changed the focus from quantity into quality particularly in Patent application process. This also aids the business decision when making process by recommending for high value patents.


Evaluation process for Patent value

        According to our internal study, the total sum paid for patent maintenance fee has reached over three million dollars figure in 2005. After the introduction of TIPS system, the company has saved approximately 50% of the cost on patent maintenance by 2008. Although this cost down process appears to be a lost in capital when giving away patent ownerships, however the results is totally the opposite. After the introduction of TIPS, the R&D team demonstrated the spirit of effective resource management by constantly evaluating the value all values behind each intellectual property (IP). This reorganized the allocation of resource and redirect the spending to protect and cover core technologies.

        The R&D process also have inducted some changes due to the TIPS system. This system not only monitor and observe the market tech trend but also formed a discussion panel to determine what to protect and what to give up. This effective analysis process was not performed in the past and now is one of the effective indicator for the company when performing patent maintenance related work.



ISO system for quality control; TIPS for R&D activities

        Management level at Chant have noticed a significant increase in work load after the introduction of TIPS; every process required detailed records. However, the records formed a significant asset of the company database. This effect is rather slow and long-term process. The determination really comes from the executives.

Since 2001 Chant introduced ISO system to control quality of manufacturing activity, but there lies a gap for R&D. The TIPS system really formed an effective solution to bridge the gap. With the tax assistance from the government, Chant became one of the early pioneer who utilize the TIPS to manage the R&D activities.



Counterintelligence work, a value-adding service for enterprises

        R&D department is the heart for many enterprises, where trade secrets are kept. During the past, Chant welcomes all type of visitors. However, for those with bad intention can form effective study with just a visit to our production lines. After the introduction of TIPS; an effective control system is formed on this topic. All visitors are only allowed to visit with permission from R&D department that creates a good barrier for any possibility in piracy. On the other hand, the company also assess all information including the company presentation provided to sales department. This process prevents any indirect leakage of key technology in the past where all design process was completely transparent. After the introduction of TIPS, the company formed an effective management process that provided a great value adding service for customers.

The management team emphasized that all product should be listed as classified info during their R&D process. The publication work is only permitted after detailed assessment is performed by engineers and patent managers. This process significantly protected valuable IP for Chant and our customers.

(source: 2009 handbook: Institute for information industry)



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