Company Strategy and Principle

Our company’s core philosophy: sustainable growth based on constant innovation, research, and development of new products. To meet the ever-changing market need, we are persistent in expanding our technical knowledge, improving the quality of existing products while developing highly value-added product lines.

Short-to-Midterm Plan:

  • Memory Cards and Related Products:

    Memory cards are widely used in consumer and industrial electronic sectors, our goal is to maintain our market leading position through fast development of related products and solve customer’s changing needs. Our latest development in the field includes the next generation interface: CF Express Type C & Type D which was co-developed with CompactFlash Association (CFA).

  • RoHS Compliant Products:

    In response to the global environment protection needs, we have revamped our manufacturing processes to comply with all RoHS requirements for all products.

  • Automotive Products:

    The needs for AI and autonomous automobile accelerated the need of electronics in automotive industry. Chant Sincere have acquired IATF 16949 quality system and implemented half to fully automated production line to develop various of FAKRA family products to service our automotive customers.

  • TEL Communication Products:

    Rapid growth in the international communication sector has been registered in recent years. Traditional connectors interface has reached its limit in supporting such application, particularly in application of high speed and high frequency. Chant Sincere have developed a range of products such as Slimline, OcuLink, QSFP DD to support the 100 – 400Gbps demand from server industry and will offer 800Gbps applications shortly.

Long Term Plan:

  • Very Thin Quad Flat Package (FQFP) Products:In light of the growing needs of personalized and mobile applications, the highlight of light, thin, short, and small products is still under major market focus. We believe that FQFP products will become the mainstream. Our journey in research and development of such products has gain a significant weight.
  • Optical Fiber Connector:Copper wire will reach its physical limitation particularly in high speed data transfer needs after 56Gbps. Optical fiber will soon replace the current copper wire in many applications. Chant Sincere’s have successfully launched Optical Fiber products such as MPO and QSFP AOC to further extend our support in the market.
  • High Frequency Service:In order to satisfy the demand in non-stop increasing data transmission, the fundamental upgrade of base equipment is inviable. This provide the rocket fuel for the needs of high-speed interfaces and hence high frequency connectors and cables. Chant Sincere have established a team to provide simulate and verification service to solve issues at initial design stage from our customers.
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