Bridging Now and Future
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Chant Sincere have acquired IATF 16949 quality system and implemented half to fully automated production line to develop various of FAKRA family products to service our automotive customers
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TEL Communication
Rapid growth in the international communication sector has been registered in recent years. Traditional connectors interface has reached its limit in supporting such application, particularly in application of high speed and high frequency
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our goal is to maintain our market leading position through fast development of related products and solve customer’s changing needs. Our latest development in the field includes the next generation interface: CF Express which was co-developed with CompactFlash Association (CFA).
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Consumer Electronics
USB type C connector is an example of the fruits of our research. This miniature and unidirectional interface provides many useful functions such as lighting data transfer rate up to 10 Gbits/s, DP ALT Mode high-definition video signal support, and brilliant 100W charging capability.
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- High Speed/High Frequency Solutions -

Chant Sincere has advanced our High Speed/High Frequency R&D skill since 2014. Until now Chant Sincere is one of the industry leading connector and cable solution provider

- Production -

Our company’s core philosophy: sustainable growth based on constant innovation, research, and development of new products.

- R&D -

The R&D Center at Chant Sincere leads the industry in research, design, and manufacturing of numerous key parts.

- Quality Control -

Quality first is the core believe in Chant Sincere. Our quality assurance department implemented stringent process and practiced continual improvement in our quality assurance processes to increasing customers’ satisfaction level about our products.


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