• Stable and Timely Dellvery of Parts:

    Connector is an art of precise integration of insulator and conductor. We have built a total package and self-sufficient manufacturing capability to ensure stable and timely supply of insulators and conductors. We are highly proficient in plastic molding design and manufacturing as well as stamping tooling design and its associated production.

  • Automated Production:

    Our production engineers have automated all aspects of the manufacturing process to reduce human contact with our current production line. Hence, minimized the risks of human errors. This also enables us to adjust the production line’s outputs to meet the increasing demand. Since the introduction of automated production, the reliance on manpower has been greatly reduced as well as the risks associated with tired staffs.

  • Precision Engineering:

    We deeply believed in the old Chinese philosophy: “A master workman must be well prepared of his tools before conduct of any work.” Our Machinery and Tools Center engineers are capable of delivering all dies, molds and fixtures to fulfill the needs of our automated manufacturing and production lines. Chant Sincere is well known in the industry for its high-precision engineering capability. Our in-house design center has constantly improving our manufacturing units to enhance the productivity and effectiveness.

  • Quick Response to Design Changes and maintenance needs:

    Our flexible and integrated corporate structure provides quickly response to vast change of market needs driven by customer requirement or production line maintenance and upgrades. Quick response time is one of the core values for our customers to stay on top of the ever-changing market.

Tooling Equipment

Tooling Center

Machine Center

CNC Grinding Machine

Vertical Grinding Machine

Electric Discharge Machine

EDM Wire Cut Machine

Tooling Center(Test Instrument)

Toolmaker Microscope

CNC 3D Measuring Device


Hardness Test

CNC Non-contacting Auto 3D Measurement

Non-contacting Automatic 3D Measuremen

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